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Project Description
DNN Module JQuery Cycle Carousel
This module will show images as a carousel using the cycle JQuery plugin.
You can easily change Cycle effect and other settings in the module.

Module Carousel

This module use the  jQuery Cycle plugin at the Microsoft Ajax CDN. You can read more about the plugin on Stephen Walters blog and on the creators Mike Alsup demo page.
So this module makes it easy to use the plugin in DotNetNuke®.
When you install the module on a page it will render images with standard settings. It will actually show your pictures in the root of your portal with a fade effect. This is not so good so what you need to do is to upload your pictures to a folder of your choice located under the portal root.
In the Settings of the module you can then refer to this folder and the module will show these images. If you need to show different pictures for different languages you need to place them in a sub folder to the main folder. Those folders must be named like en-US sv-SE as the culture code for your languages. If you use languages then the main folder is empty and the pictures are located in the folders for the language.
In the Settings part you can also change:

  • The base effect of the plugin e.g. fade, zoom etc.
  • If you like some parameters of the effect
  • A border round the image
  • The color of the border
  • Padding around the image
  • The color of the padding e.g. the background color for the image
  • If you like to have different images for different languages

Play around with the module and have fun.

Jan Olsmar

Olsmar Konsult

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